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Captain George was raised and educated in Australia and has over 30 years experience in skippering sea craft around the Greek Islands and is the creator of the sunset cruise in its present form! His passion for the sea and tradition has lead him to restore one of the most important boats that was used for transportation of people and goods between the islands and the mainland for centuries.

It all started back in the early 90’s when he started BBQ cruises on Santorini and various islands in the Aegean – reminiscent of the Australian weekends of his youth. The boat is the S/Y Eleftheria, a 55-foot wooden built traditional Greek 
Kaiki / Caique -Trechandiri 
or working boat, which nowadays are open museums and carry memories of a world that is fading right in front of us. We also cater for VIP tours, private charters, sunset cruise and individual itineraries, BBQ trips and full day tours around Santorini and the surrounding Islands.

Join us on a cruise that will give you the opportunity to see Santorini through our eyes!

Forget your motor powered plastic yachts that you can find anywhere in the world.
Go back to basics and you have yourself an adventure which is as pure and natural as the surrounding beauty itself.

"Santorini is probably one of the most sensational  places in this world !!
A crater! How deep is santorini bay that is connected to the Aegean Sea and you can sail into? White washed houses and churches on volcanic cliffs that rise up from the sea around you, the Atlantis theory! All this makes this place a source of inspiration to anyone who visits.”